This is a manifesto. It’s a bold statement that doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination. Arlet Kuns jackets are messy, imperfect, wonderful, one of a kind art pieces that cost about half of my (common?) rent. For a while, I didn’t understand why it was important or necessary to support independent fashion labels and fork out the bucks for a one of kind piece like a Kuns jacket. I would prefer to go to Zara and get something that might literally disintegrate off my body than spend money on a craft.

But, what I finally realized is the stuff from Zara, which once you add it all up isn’t even that cheap, was all meaningless shit. Those were the things I threw away, donated or gave away over the years. My favorite things, the things that I still wear constantly and will forever hold a sacred place in my wardrobe are the pieces that are found. They are the high waisted tailored blue pants from a London thrift store, the amazing long black dress from the 90s in my mothers closet, and the pieces I’ve collected from small designers like Arlet Kuns.

What makes a Kuns jacket special, and what makes all pieces like Kuns jackets wonderful is, and while this may be a bit cheesy, they tell a story. This did not come from the slave labor of overworked factory workers but the care and vision of an artist. A Kuns jacket represents hard work, care, and hours of meticulous creation. It tells the story of the founder, but it also tells your own story. And it will continue to tell this story.

So, as Arlet Kuns says, FUCK FAST FASHION. It’s dead bitches.

Writen by Bella Arias